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Celebrating real ass, human women whether they use their baby box or not.

August 11, 2019

Neurosurgery, Plumbing Disasters, and Meditation

For you, it's only been two weeks since we recorded and released an episode. For the Non Moms, it has been four weeks. Time is so weird

Our producer has an official pseudonym. You can follow him on Instagram as @Wade.Freeman. Do it. Give him production feedback. It'll be great. (He's going to hate us, which is hilarious.)

This week you can hear all about Kelly's (successful) neurosurgery and hospital experience (so much tragic comedy); Debbie Jo's new meditation and gratitude practices; Kelly's plumbing disaster which of course took place just days after the neurosurgery; our birthdays! That's right, we're both officially older and neither of us is totally comfortable with it. 

This episode, in other words, is a journey through some serious real life, a few disasters, a little bit of success, and a whole lot of fun. Join us next week when we'll have new research for you! 

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July 28, 2019

Suffragists, Communists, & Space Walkers

Ok, ok, so... yes, Debbie Jo said like a dozen times on our last episode that we were going to do an Area 51-themed episode since it would be our 51st. However, Kelly had major brain fog and this episode was recorded the day before her major neurological surgery and she totally freaking forgot

That being said, after a bit of ribbing from Debbie Jo, Kelly kicks things off by telling everyone about Sylvia Pankhurst (thanks mom!) Sylvia was raised by folks who were actually into women's rights and education and raised her as such. She "hated fascism and lipstick," and for a time was very involved in Communism. She drifted from Communism eventually but remained active in movements against fascism and colonialism for all her adult life. She died an Honorary Ethiopian at the age of 78, in 1960.

Debbie Jo stuck to the actual theme of the show and talked about what was supposed to be the first all-female spacewalk, explains that it was canceled, and why. Yes, it's because there weren't enough medium-sized suits, but it actually goes deeper than that. Just listen, trust me, it's worth it. There's also some conspiracy and alien talk thrown in the mix for fun. 

Today marks 10 days since Kelly's surgery, which turned out to be a double laminectomy and full spinal fusion of the C6-C7 vertebrae (there's a cool animated video!) because her spinal disc had actually ruptured. She's recovering well, in spite of a plumbing disaster and stomach virus you're sure to hear all about on next week's episode. Tragic comedy, here we come! 






July 21, 2019

Conspiracies + Productivity Hacks

Hey hey friends! Lil bit of a curveball for ya today. Rather than sharing research we are sharing some lessons we've learned in business + in life over the past several years.


Naturally we begin the episode with some hilarity. We chat about conspiracy theories, do you think we actually went to the moon? We also chat about secret experiments, MK Ultra anyone?


Then we share some of our biggest lessons from recent years. Like don't be a big fat jerk + message someone about your acne fighting skincare because they post a picture of them with a giant zit on their face. Try new things but if it doesn't feel right or work how you want it to then stop doing that shit!


Probably the biggest productivity hack of all is to get your ass out + get re-inspired. Hear how we have re-inspired ourselves recently in this episode too.


Thank you for listening you guys!

July 15, 2019

Blitzkriegs and Radical Comedy

(It's our producer's fault that this episode is late because he procrastinated. He will henceforth be known as the King of Procrastination Nation.)

This is our last episode before Kelly's big surgery! Kelly goes for spinal fusion on July 18th and becomes part Mechanerdzilla and part Bionic Woman. Don't worry, we'll still have new content to post while Kelly is in recovery because we recorded in advance!

Kelly kicks things off with the story of English chemist and volunteer Air Raid Warden Rosalind Franklin. This Lady Badass stayed on at Cambridge to pursue her studies in spite of the world (figuratively) and bombs (literally) falling down all around her in WWII. Then, she helped discover the structure of DNA molecules, but of course, received no freaking credit for it, because of men.

Debbie Jo lightens the mood with Moms Mabley (born Loretta Mary Aiken), a well-known vaudeville comedian, and prominent member of the African American comedy community's so-called Chitlin' Circuit. It was in the era of segregation in America that Moms Mabley began to gain popularity with black and white audiences. She performed on the Ed Sullivan Show, The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, and set a record for performances at the Apollo! Definitely a trailblazer!

Thanks for being here with us this week and every week. Again, we apologize for being late, on behalf of our producer. Please check out our patreon and consider becoming a patron at www.patreon.com/anonmomhappyhour. We look forward to hearing from everyone what you think of this week's show! Byyeee.







July 8, 2019

Happy Podiversary, Year One!

Happy one-year podiversary, listeners! Thank you so much for being here with the Non Moms for a whole year of episodes. We are honored to be allowed in your earholes every week. Real talk.

New hashtag: #DontLetKellyGoBankrupt Please consider buying her book! www.nerdzillakelly.com/book. To all of our #Spoonie listeners, hang in there! This life isn't easy or cheap. Thankfully, we have each other. 

Debbie Jo officially kicks the episode off with the life and times of Babe Didrikson Zaharias. Babe was an incredibly accomplished athlete and took home not one, but two Olympic Gold Medals in Track & Field in 1932. She followed that up with becoming a professional golf player and helping to found the Lady's Professional Golf Association (LPGA). Kelly proves beyond a doubt that she was not ever any kind of jock or athlete. Thank goodness Debbie Jo used to play golf, otherwise Kelly would likely not have understood half of what she said about Babe.

Kelly follows Babe up with the story of American poet Phillis Wheatley. Phillis Wheatley is not her birth name, but her slave name, and unfortunately, we do not know her birth name. However, Phillis was the first African American woman to be published as an author in America. Her poetry served as a covert way for her to participate in sociopolitical discussions and support the abolition of slavery, without taking too much heat from colonial white folks about it. This conversation might make you uncomfortable. It's probably supposed to.

Tune in next week for our last episode before Kelly's spinal fusion surgery! There may even be a guest!




June 30, 2019

Brain Tumors & The Wild West

Y'all know what time it is! Do you know that next weekend marks 1 year of A Non Mom Happy Hour?! We'll have to think of some special way to celebrate and honor that anniversary with you all. 

This week Kelly kicks things off by telling the story of Mary Putnam Jacobi of the Putnam Publishing family. Mary wasn't just one of America's first female physician's, the first woman to attend Ecole de Medecine in Paris, France, or one of the founders of the Women’s Medical Association of New York City. This woman was so badass and so dedicated to the study of medical science that she even journaled about the symptoms of her own brain tumor for years before finally succumbing to it, to help people better understand the tumors.

Debbie Jo follows with the story of Mary Fields, AKA, Stagecoach Mary. Due to the fact that Mary was born a slave and lived in the wild west, it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish truth from fiction in HERstory. What is very clear, however, is that her level of badassery was at 10/10. Driving stagecoach for the US Postal Service in those days was no joke, but she was up for the task -- even at age 60! She's a lot of fun to learn about! Consider having a nip of whiskey in her honor whilst listening. 

Thanks for being here this week and every week! Always be a real ass human.  






June 23, 2019

Kickin’ it Old School

This week the Non Moms are kicking it old school. No badass women being celebrated... outside of the hosts, that is.

Kelly has some pretty big news and health updates; she finally fired her terrible doctor! Listen up to hear about why it's so important that Spoonies be tireless advocates for themselves. Or, maybe lean on others to help advocate for them.

Then, Debbie Jo checks in and talks about what it's like to discover suddenly in your mid-twenties that you have legitimate attention deficit issues. Ok, so you finally know... now, how do you deal with it, without being mean to yourself?

It had been a while since we just talked to our listeners about life, stress, mental health awareness, and self-care, and we decided it was past due. We hope you enjoy the episode (especially our long-time listeners) and that whoever needs the messages receives them. (Skippers will hate this episode. MUAHAHAHA...)

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June 16, 2019

Pride (Month) & Prejudice

The Non Moms were so excited to be back in the studio this week, after several weeks away! 

Good news and bad news:
Bad news, the audio for our live show at PodX was lost.
Good news: This is a banging ass episode, anyway!

This week Kelly kicks it off by telling Debbie Jo all about Mary Church Terrell, who was actually the badass she covered at the live show. She was so badass that Kelly simply couldn't let her be lost to the evil techno-Gods working against her. Mary was a hell of an activist and was a charter member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People as well as being the founder and president of the National Association of Colored Women.

In honor of Pride Month and at the suggestion of two listeners, Debbie Jo told Kelly all about Anne Lister! HOLY. MOLY. Her story kept Kelly on the edge of her seat the entire time, it was amazing. Anne Lister was a lesbian... in the 1800s, y'all! And thanks to the immaculate recording of her life's story in 26 volumes of her personal diaries, a writer in the 1980s was able to establish that - spoiler alert - being a lesbian (or any other member of the LGBTQ+ community) has always been a thing and is totally natural and beautiful, and that love is love. Period. 

Happy Pride Month, y'all! Thanks for hanging with us!





June 9, 2019

From the Netflix Studio at PodX: Three Non Moms

Surprise! It's an interview episode! It's been a while since the Non Moms have had anyone on to interview, but they met Kate Van Sprange at PodX and just knew they had to have her on. The ladies recorded this episode in the Netflix Recording Studio at PodX in Nashville, Tennessee on June 1. 

We talked social worker/nonprofit burnout, self-care, and reinventing oneself as many times as necessary to find peace and happiness in oneself while pursuing a career and lifestyle that is fulfilling and honors oneself. We even talked about Spoonie life a bit, as Kate's husband Mel is a badass Cystic Fibrosis warrior! (Check out the badass organization Rock CF!)

For all of our listeners and pals who are vocalists, lecturers, people who have to talk too much for any reason and are always dealing with throat irritation and loss of voice, you definitely need to check Kate's product, Vocal Eze, out! We are especially big fans of the lozenges. 

You can find them on Amazon and at Sam Ash, Guitar Center, and more!

Interact with Kate (and her delightful husband Mel) on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook:


May 27, 2019

Wandering Wombs & Circus Tattoos

This is our last episode of May, our last episode before PodX, and the last episode of Mental Health Awareness Month! Where is the time going?!

This week Kelly kicks things off by exploring the history of women's mental health treatment. Spoiler alert: It's been rough. The Ancient Greeks had some seriously crazy ideas about what a woman's uterus was doing in her body and how it was impacting her mood and behavior. Then there was Victorian England where it was decided that all we needed was orgasms to keep us happy, and that, of course, male doctors must be the ones to deliver them. *Eye Roll* 

Debbie Jo goes on to tell us about the first American traditional tattoo artist, Maude Wagner. Maude was only ever tattooed by her husband, who taught her the art of tattooing, and they passed the tradition on to their only daughter. The Wagners traveled for years with the circus as a freakshow act, both for being heavily tattooed and for performing the art of tattooing in front of audiences. 

Special thanks to artist Meredith Elmore (Instagram @meredithelmorepaints) for allowing us to share one of her pieces of art in recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month. Find her (and this print!) on Etsy at https://www.etsy.com/shop/meredithelmore. Enter promo code "Nonmomhappyhour" for free shipping!

Take care of yourselves and each other, folks. You matter to us!